Karrimor Caracal Running Shoes Review

I have worn Karrimor Caracal Trail Running Shoes for a few years now, as they do the job at a very fair price.

So what makes them work for me?

  •  Grip pattern is effective on all but  extreme mud.
  • Comfortable and well suited to my slightly wider foot, with the breathable uppers help to keep my feet cool and the low profile heel being giving stability without rubbing.
  • Hardwearing – my Karrimor Caracal Trail Running Shoes tend to last me the best part of a year at an average of at least 20 miles per week.
  • Reasonably lightweight, and I have achieved pleasing performances in road races from 5k to half marathon in my Karrimors.
  • They seem to give a regular fit, as my Karrimor  Caracal Trail Running Shoes are size 9, which matches my normal shoe size.
  • Their appearance isn’t a key a key point as far as I’m concerned, but they look fine, and I especially like the blue with yellow trim variety that I currently wear.

Having recently bought a (much more expensive) pair of specialist road racing shoes, and suffered from rubbing on my heels, I wonder why I bothered and plan to stick to my Karrimors for the foreseeable future.



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