Saguero minimalist running shoes review

Product reviewSAGUARO Unisex Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes Aqua Water Sports Shoes

If you’re interested in trying barefoot shoes, but don’t want to spend huge sums of money to find out if they suit you, then I would definitely recommend these great value Saguero minimalist shoes.

I personally like the ample width of the shoe, as I  have relatively broad feet for my size, and right from the off they felt comfortable.  I worried that they were perhaps too comfortable and would perhaps become loose, but the drawstring type lace tightening mechanism works pretty well and ensured that my feet stayed firmly in place.

Sizing seems to be pretty standard, as  I bought a pair matching my normal shoe size, and they are a perfect fit.

I tried them on a variety of surfaces, including grass of varying levels of dampness, muddy footpaths and roads.  The grip on the shoes is moderate, and I had to be very careful on very wet grass and slightly muddy footpaths, coming to grief on more than one occasion.

As explained above, the shoes can work on the road, but I did suffer stiff calves when I tried to go beyond a few miles,  especially over undulating routes.  This may be a feature of any minimalist shoes, and it obviously depends on how familiar you are with the process of running in this type of shoe.   I wore them when walking around and going about my day to day business before attempting to run in them, and I’m sure this is good advice for anyone, as is the the suggestion to at least start by running only on forgiving (and not too slippery)  surfaces .

Durability is OK.  I am seeing significant signs of wear after about three months of wearing my barefoot shoes for most training sessions (a very rough estimate would be 350 miles),  but the price means that even if they only last about four months, or 450 miles, then that would represent decent value.

So, if you are looking to try minimalist running shoes and don’t want to break the bank, you can’t go far wrong with these.

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